What is RADIESSE®?

Radiesse-LogoRADIESSE Volumizing filler is an injectable dermal filler that works by immediately restoring facial volume to smooth out the signs of aging. Once injected, RADIESSE® is a form of hyaluronic acid that has a unique manufacturing process that makes it a soft, cohesive gel that evenly distributes through the dermis of the skin.

Radiesse Before & After

What are the benefits of RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is a nonsurgical treatment that improves the look of moderate to severe wrinkles and deep folds of the face. By binding water, RADIESSE® plumps and fills in wrinkles, allowing immediate and smooth correction. Because of its versatility RADIESSE® is strong enough to handle deep treatment areas such as smile lines around the mouth (nasolabial folds) yet soft enough to treat less severe areas such as this lines at the lips (vertical lip lines).

What results are expected with RADIESSE®?

Immediate results with RADIESSE® mean plumper skin and smoothing away of lines and wrinkles. Due to its soft gel consistency, it provides soft correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Radiesse Before & After

What can I expect during treatments with RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is injected so as with all needle injections, there can be some discomfort or pain associated with the procedure. Your provider may provide a numbing medicine prior to the injections or ice the target area. The injections start to work immediately. Visible results have been reported to last 6 or longer. Based on the US clinical trial, individual results lasted between 15 -73 weeks with a mean time of 9 months.

What aftercare is recommended following RADIESSE® treatment?

It is recommended that you remain upright for 4 hours after injection. You are asked to avoid taking ibuprofen, aspirin, or Vitamin E for 24 hours after injection. You are instructed not to massage or manipulate the injection sites for 48 hours after injection. In order to allow RADIESSE® to stabilize, you should avoid overly excessive movements of the muscles in your face for the first 6 hours after treatment. You should avoid excessive heat, strenuous exercise, yoga, and direct sunlight for the first 24-48 hours post-injection. You may wear make-up, take a shower, and use cold compresses as needed.

Radiesse Before & After

What are the possible side effects associated with RADIESSE®?

Immediate or serious allergic reactions have been reported with RADIESSE®. The most common side effects include but are not limited to bleeding or bruising, redness, discomfort, pain, tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumpiness, bumps, itching, or discoloration at the injection site(s). Most side effects are either mild or moderate and last 14 days or less. As with all skin-injection procedures, there is a risk of infection.

Is RADIESSE® safe?

RADIESSE® Dermal Filler is FDA approved and has undergone testing in a clinical study to prove its safety.

Radiesse Before & After

Am I a candidate for RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE can be safe for many people; however, there are certain conditions which would increase the risk of this medication being injected. Do not take RADIESSE® if you

  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients including certain bacterial proteins
  • Had an allergic to any other hyaluronic acid dermal filler
  • Have a skin infection at the planned injection site.
  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
  • Are breast feeding to plan to breast feed
  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are taking immunosuppressive therapy, or therapy to decrease body’s immune response
  • Have a history of excessive scarring (keloid formation) or pigmentation disorders

What does RADIESSE® cost?

Please check out our PRICING PAGE.

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We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Connie Fogarty, RN today. During our meeting, we will advise on whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for RADIESSE®, as well as compose a custom treatment plan designed to achieve the smooth, clear and vein-free skin you’ve always wanted. Call the office today and one of our seasoned staff members will be able to assist you.

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