At Totality, our specialty is treating Varicose Veins. Dr. KathyLee Santangelo has been exclusively treating varicose veins for more than ten years, practicing previously as a cardiothoracic surgeon. With loads of experience and many treatment options, Totality can make your varicose veins disappear for the New Year.

Varicose veins are caused by the malfunction of the valves in your veins. The purpose of the valves is to prevent blood from back flowing; however, when they malfunction, blood flows in the wrong direction resulting in the production of varicose veins. Varicose veins are more than just an annoying eye sore, they can cause a multitude of other complications, including swelling, leg fatigue, itching and burning sensations, non-healing wounds or leg ulcers, leg heaviness, and others. Living with these symptoms is unnecessary…

It is time to break free from your varicose veins!

At Totality, we offer many different treatment modalities that are all completed in the office in just one hour.

Heat sealing, using either radiofrequency or laser technology, closes the vein through the insertion of a simple heat catheter into the problem vein and pulling it slowly out of the vein, all the while using heat to seal the vein closed. Local anesthetic is injected around the vein prior to heating so you feel nothing during the procedure!

Chemical sealing, using either Varithena (a microfoam sclerosant) or VenaSeal (cyanoacrylate adhesive/super glue), closes the vein through the injection of the chemical into the problem vein via a special IV. The chemical then works to close the vein. No anesthetic is needed for this procedure, as you will not feel the chemical reaction.

Both heat and chemical sealing varicose vein treatments are minimally invasive, and you will walk right of the office all on your own following the procedure. They require the simple after care of wearing a compression hose on the treated leg for two weeks. These treatments are sure to leave you varicose vein free and with better, happier legs!

Free screenings are always available at Totality. Getting rid of your varicose veins will be the easiest New Year’s resolution you will ever make!

From all of us at Totality,