At Totality, we utilize 4 types of treatments to ablate (seal or close) varicose veins. They are: VenaCure EVLT (laser ablation), Venefit (radiofrequency ablation), and Varithena (chemical ablation), and Venaseal (medical adhesive ablation).  Both laser and radiofrequency ablations require heat and therefore multiple needle sticks are needed to numb the course of the vein to be treated. Both Varithena and Venaseal require only one needle stick.  Laser, radiofrequency, and Varithena treatments are covered by most insurance companies who require 6 weeks-3months of conservative therapy prior to procedure. All three require medical grade compression stockings to be worn for 2 weeks following the treatment.  Venaseal does not require conservative therapy before or stockings following the procedure and is offered through self-payment.  All of our procedures are completed in our office and usually take one hour or less.