The FDA defines cosmetic fillers as, “Soft Tissue Fillers, also known as injectable implants, dermal fillers, or wrinkle fillers are medical device implants approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in helping create a smoother and/or fuller appearance in the face, including nasolabial folds, cheeks, lips, and to increase the volume of the back of the hand.”

All FDA approved cosmetic, soft tissue fillers except one, are made from materials (collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, Poly-L-lactic acid) that are absorbed by the body over time. A synthetic, biodegradable. biocompatible, man-made polymer that is composed of tiny, round smooth particles suspended in a gel-like solution of synthetic collagen is the only FDA approved, non-absorbable (permanent) cosmetic filler. These products work by filling a line, wrinkle, or crease, causing them to virtually disappear in less than 30 minutes, at a fraction of the cost of a face lift, with effects lasting from 4-12 months. Fillers may also be used to volumize or plump the lips, cheeks, temples, jawline, and the back of the hand. At Totality, we offer Juvederm, Belotero (hyaluronic acids), and Radiesse (synthetic polymer), all FDA approved soft tissue fillers.

While fillers are some of the safest cosmetic procedures used today, side-effects do occur from time to time. These may include allergic reactions, the formation of bumps under the skin, and a bluish skin discoloration called the Tyndall effect.

To help insure a positive outcome and minimize risk when receiving cosmetic filler treatments, we suggest that you thoroughly research the qualifications of the person who will be providing your treatment. Choose a medical facility that uses sterile instruments/technique and administers FDA-approved wrinkle fillers that are purchased directly from the maker. Beware of cheap filler treatments from non-medical, non-credentialed providers. At Totality, our cosmetic fillers are provided by Connie Fogarty, a Registered Nurse.