One of the most common questions people with Varicose Veins ask is: How do I get rid of them? At Totality, we offer several treatment modalities to get rid of those persistent Varicose Veins.

Previously, Varicose Veins were physically cut out of the body, resulting in long recovery times and lots of discomfort. Thankfully, technology has developed and minimally invasive procedures with practically no downtime are now used.

The primary treatment modalities at Totality are RadioFrequency, Laser, and Varithena ablations.

RadioFrequency and Laser ablations are both heat treatment methods. A solution with numbing medications is injected into the leg surrounding the vein to be treated. Then, a small catheter is inserted into the vein and a heat element is used to seal the vein as the catheter is slowly removed. Thanks to the numbing medication, you don’t feel a thing!

Varithena ablations utilize a chemical to seal the vein. Using a specialized IV, Varithena is injected directly into the vein and the chemical seals the vein.

All of these procedures take one hour to complete and are done in office. You are able to walk, drive, and resume all normal activities (except for heavy lifting and core workouts) immediately after the procedure.

After care includes wearing compression hose for the 72 hours following the procedure full-time. A shower cover is provided to cover the hose and treated leg during those first three days. You will return for a follow-up ultrasound after those 72 hours has concluded and will only need to wear the compression hose during the day for the next 2 weeks. You will need to avoid hot showers, baths, heavy lifting, squats, and core workouts for at least the first two weeks. Then you are free and clear!

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