Have you ever wondered if varicose veins are genetic? We have the answer for you! Yes, varicose veins are hereditary. If you have a close relative that has varicose veins, you have a much higher chance of developing them yourself. Here are some statistics for you: If one genetic parent has varicose veins, you have approximately a 40% chance of developing them. If both genetic parents have varicose veins, you have about a 90% chance of developing them.

Of course, as you may have read in other blog posts, there are many things that may contribute to the development of varicose veins. Obesity, excessive sitting or standing, history of blood clots, gender, and age can all be contributing factors to varicose veins.

If you have a family history of varicose veins or concerns about other factors, call our office to schedule your free vein screening.

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